Why should I or my company get certified?

Certification ensures your colleagues and/or potential clients or employers that you or your organization has an understanding of the concept of structured critical thinking and problem-solving and a basic grasp of the techniques of critical thinking. Go to: certificates for more information.

What are the different types of certifications?

The CTA program includes certifications for individuals or corporations. Go to certificates for more information.

Do I have to be a member of the Critical Thinking Academy to get certified?

Yes, certification fees are built into the cost of membership.

If I am certified, do I still have to pay for a membership?

If you are already certified, you are a member of the CTA. However, you must renew your membership annually to retain your benefits, including the validity of your certification.

Do I have to pay to access Critical Thinking Academy Online?

Free registrants have access to the first module in the Certified Critical Thinker (CCT) core curriculum. Only paid members may access the remaining modules necessary to earn their CCT designation.

How do I or my company get certified?

You must complete the 8 core CCT course modules under the “Certification Modules” tab and achieve a minimum, 75% score on each module quiz and/or activity or assignment to pass. Once you have successfully completed all 8 modules and assignments, you will have earned your CCT designation. Please visit the “Certification” tab for more information.

Why should I or my company become a member of the CTA?

By becoming a member, you demonstrate yours or your organization’s commitment to structured critical thinking and problem-solving, and you contribute to continually enhancing the Faculty of Critical Thinking education and outreach programs; you receive free professional certification and discounts on programs and access to free or discounted consulting services to help you and/or your organization profit from this emerging field. For more information, go to: /membership/

How can I or/my company become a member?

Simply go to /membership/ and sign up where indicated. You can pay by credit card or be invoiced. Simply indicate your preference when you fill out the online form.

Why should my company become a sponsor?

The Faculty of Critical Thinking provides a unique opportunity for organizations and leaders to demonstrate their commitment to this crucial subject matter and skillset. Sponsors can support specific topics related to their area of business so that they get exposure precisely with people interested in their area of business. Go to http://www.enterpriseengagement.org/sponsorship/ for more information.

How do we become a sponsor?

Go to http://www.enterpriseengagement.org/sponsorship/ for more information or contact Allan Schweyer at allans@tmlu.org or 912-704-5940.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

For questions related to membership and certification, or sponsorship please email Allan Schweyer at allans@tmlu.org or call 912-704-5940