The Critical Thinking Academy (CTA) operated by Pivotal Practices Consulting and TMLU, Inc. is dedicated to the idea that better thinking leads to better decisions and outcomes and fewer regrets. The CTA’s primary mission is to support education and outreach that creates a better understanding of how organizations can make the connection between critical thinking in business and better long-term outcomes, including financial performance. The CTA is founded on the premise that critical thinking, which was once considered vital for “good citizenship,”  is a lost art, but one that has been rediscovered as necessary  for business success.

The CTA was founded in 2014. The CTA’s first client was the US Customs and Border Protection Agency. We have since worked with dozens of organizations to improve workforce critical thinking and problem-solving.

    The CTA has developed a formal curriculum designed to give people the understanding and tools they need to implement better critical thinking and problem-solving within their organizations. In addition, the CTA offers customized training for organizations, as well as a consulting service to help organizations develop formal  plans. Click here for more information on the education program.